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    Wooden LED Alarm Clock


      The wooden led alarm clock is a very good piece of decoration for your bedroom side
      table as it does not have a huge LED display so it goes well with the surroundings. It can
      also be used in the living room and such places.
       The wooden LED alarm clock has the feature to adjust the brightness level to the one
      you pursue according to your comfort level.
       The wooden alarm clock has a compact size so it can be put anywhere and can be
      carried easily as well.
       The features of a wooden alarm clock include the convenient setting of alarms.

      Shape: Square
      Diameter: 100mm
      Display Type: Digital
      Weight: 150g
      Length: 200mm
      Screen Type: LED
      Is Smart Device: No
      Feature: LUMINOVA
      Motivity Type: Digital
      Material: Wood;Wooden
      Width: 100mm
      Style: Modern
      Function: With Backlight
      Form: Single Face
      Model Number: 1231
      Diameter: 60mm
      Weight: 150g
      Length: 60mm
      Width: 60mm
      Model Number: Alarm Clocks
      Item name: LED Alarm Clock
      Feature01: Snooze Clock
      Feature02: Digital LED Clock
      Powered by: Batteries and USB
      Prompt: battery can only be used normally for 1-3 days

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester