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Stainless steel Candle Holders

    Stainless steel Candle Holders

      You know what's sucky about regular holders? They only come in one design. What fun is that kind of regular holders? We'll answer that: NO FUN AT ALL.You know what is fun? Using different color and unique styled holders.
      Nice and trendy, easy to carry, light in weight and perfectly manageable.This natural fish shaped holder, made up of hundred percent pure plastic, is a gorgeous addition to your wardrobe or closet to keep. This light colored fish shape holder is perfect to keep your essentials as safe as possible to be easily available at times of need.Unique style and shape, available in different colors depending upon your selection.

      Style: Europe
      Handmade: Yes
      Use: Home Decoration
      Brand Name: Wave Risk
      Type: Cylinder
      Metal Type: STAINLESS STEEL
      Material: Metal
      Matching Candle: Column Candle/Ball Candle
      Function: Matching Cup Candle
      Model Number: 435-JSJ
      Color : Tabletop Vase
      Theme: vase
      Usage: home decor,gift,crafts
      Usage2: Living room Bedroom Study room Hotel
      Function: office, home furnishings, family gardening,

      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester